Custom Cover PagesA recent article from Axero Solutions discussed 8 trends in document management that were expected to be prevalent during 2019. Most are trends that were predicted in 2018 (and 2017 and 2016….) too, and will undoubtedly be en vogue in 2020 as well.

Three trends in particular stood out as being of interest to suppliers of process equipment:

-Client portals



The use of client portals has been around for some time. We recently came across an accounting-based article that referred to “the rage” of web-based client portals back in 2008 amongst CPAs. A secure portal enables you to safely exchange information and documentation with your customers electronically rather than doing it manually in paper format.

Collaboration between staff members is nothing new for suppliers of process equipment particularly those who work in companies with multiple locations and/or have a global reach. The more people involved with documentation work, the more difficult it is to monitor and track changes and understand what document is the most recent.

Workflow refers to  the sequence of operations that are typically carried out during your projects. With traditional project management software, you might need to access numerous apps to find what you’re looking for rather than having it conveniently laid out in once place.

DocBoss can help process equipment suppliers who serve EPCs and end users in these and other ways.

DocBoss isn’t a client portal per se but it does serve to securely transfer documentation between process equipment suppliers and their customers. It turns the old way of providing paper-based documentation into an electronic format while providing many other benefits to users as you’ll see below.

DocBoss is a web-based app and every user is a named user which means you can track who accessed each document and understand what document is the most recent. No more wondering who made a particular change to a document or figuring out which document is the correct, most up-to-date version. Collaboration with DocBoss is easy because you can log in from anywhere in the world and work on the same project as your colleagues in other offices around the world.

DocBoss automates workflow for documents between administration, technical staff and vendors. You can see where each document is in the process at all times without having to login to multiple apps as in the past with traditional project management software. If a document is missing or not yet submitted for approval, DocBoss will tell you.

If you’d like to learn more, check out or contact us to set up a free online demo.

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