Get those holdbacks released, and wrap this baby up!

Finally finished all of the submissions? All documents approved? Time to build those databooks. But – you’ve worked so hard already – let DocBoss take it from here. Within a few button clicks you can generate the completed databooks, burn a CD, and archive your project to your own server.



Document Compilations (Databooks, Record Books, Dossiers etc..)

 As the last step in the project document process, most jobs require some compiled set of documents for final submission. Enter the Databook.

Configurability is key, as your customers have a wide variety of expectations for databook outputs. Bookmarks, hyperlinks, specific codes included/excluded, indexes, section covers, tag lists, with/ without cover sheets. DocBoss allows you to configure the books, and then generate them with a click of a button. Maybe you need a book for each major tag? Done.

Of course, maybe your customer doesn’t have a databook requirement. Who says you can’t just deliver one to upstage your competitors?

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Lemme outta here!

Maybe you need to prepare a CD for a project. Or maybe you’re just done with DocBoss for awhile…

At any point, you can take a full backup of your project from DocBoss. Every version of every document can be downloaded in a bulk archive action. Whether you just want a local copy, want to remove the project from DocBoss, or want to stop your subscription, the data is your, and you can get it anytime you like.

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