Send your documents. Send them like the wind.

Customers are customers. But when they have incredibly rigid submission requirements, the challenge increases. Quickly configure every aspect of your submission protocol on a project by project basis, while keeping your side as consistent as the tides.



Tired of building and attaching cover sheets?

Let DocBoss append the cover sheets to every document, on every submission. By uploading your customers cover sheet template to the DocBoss system, you relinquish all of the manual work of completing the cover sheets to the system. DocBoss builds the cover sheets and appends them to each document. Never make a mistake with tag lists, titles, numbers, submission history, formatting etc. Perfect cover sheets, using your customer’s templates, every time. Included.

Apply custom headers and footers to every page of every document

When submitting many documents and many pages, it is often beneficial to add headers and footers to every submitted page. While working on each individual document can be extremely time-consuming (and error prone) DocBoss allows you to simple define what data fields you would like in each area, and we automate the application of the data to every document. Yes, even password protected files.

Other output templates – transmittals and index reports

Best practice is to provide a transmittal sheet with every submittal, listing every document being submitted. Of course – DocBoss has our own default templates, but if your customer requests that you complete their template (often so they can easily upload to their system), you can simply upload it to DocBoss (after adding a few DocBoss variables), all of the data will be auto-populated on submittal.

When it comes to overall project tracking – your customers will often provide a template for that purpose. With DocBoss – this document is simply another template to upload. Because DocBoss tracks all of the required data, you can simply regenerate the index / tracking report exactly in your customer’s format, at any time. Even if it is required on every submittal! All of the data is perfectly tracked in the system and reported to your customer on their template. They’ll never know you are using DocBoss.

Ensure document delivery

When working with customers by email, everyone has a case of a document not received. With DocBoss, you send email notifications directly to your customers. Customers click on a link, and download the documents. DocBoss keeps track of who and when the documents were downloaded. We also alert you if documents have not been downloaded within a timeline you define.

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