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With our new project dashboard and easy to run searches, you’ll amaze your friends, and stun your co-workers. Stay on top of all of your projects, even as you’re being pulled in many directions.



Project Dashboard

Being able to see all projects in one view is a nice way to kick off your weekly review. Filter, group and organize projects as you see fit, apply lenses to only show the types of documents you care about, and drill down into any value you find surprising. As a document controller looking to identify late items, or a project manager trying to get an update before a client meeting,we’ve got you covered.

Current location and due dates

Knowing who has your documents, their due/overdue status is key to success in document control. DocBoss allows you to proactively chase documents. Know which documents are due/overdue to your customer, which ones they owe you back, and which documents are with your vendors. Chase em down!

Assign documents to your team for review

While sending and receiving documents to other companies is a core function in docboss, we also allow you to route documents to internal users for review and evaluations. Maybe the document you just received from your customer must be reviewed by the project manager before going back to the vendor? No problem. Just assign the document in docboss, and we’ll help you track the time turnaround time, and notify you when the user has completed the action (or maybe whether you need to give them some helpful encouragement to get ‘er done).

Chase down the missing documents

Of course, not every vendor is skilled at document control. Whether they provide you a list of documents (fabrication vendors), or you help them by auto-generating the full list of required docs (instrument & valves vendors) DocBoss helps you track missing documents.

Query by vendor, project, tag, due date etc. Create expedite requests, and fire them out to your vendor. Again – if using auto-generated registers, you could easily issue the complete document list (not just VDR codes) when you issue the PO.

Moving documents through multiple issue purposes. E.g. IFA, IFC, As-Built)

DocBoss allows you to define a larger workflow for each document code. Maybe drawings must be issued as IFA, then IFC, then As-Built – BUT, what about calibration certificates? Surely those are only issued as IFR or IFI.

DocBoss allows you to assign a default workflow to each type of document (code). Once a document has been approved by the customer (i.e. code 1), DocBoss will bump the stage, and wait for the register to be re-filled with the IFC document.

Also – maybe you need an intermediate stage to ensure the approved document is returned to the vendor to start manufacturing. All part of stage workflow in DocBoss.

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Vendor portal

Many of our customer have sub-vendors who also supply documents. Instead of receiving everything by email, let your vendors upload their documents directly into DocBoss. They drag each document to the waiting register, track what’s missing, report on timelines, and push submittals to you directly inside your DocBoss instance!

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