Vessels, Tanks, and Skids

Companies involved in the fabrication of metal vessels and tanks typically have roles dedicated to document control. Similar to the pump suppliers, a key component of the role is the expediting of internally produced documentation.

Documents of different types than the other suppliers:

  • Engineering drawings
  • Internal testing
  • Detailed management and packaging of material certificates
  • Vendor documents (drawings and tests) from sub-suppliers.

How we help


As documents are returned from your customers, different team members must be notified, and you must track who is responsible to resolve. In DocBoss, you can assign documents to a workflow, and those team members will see the actions show up on their dashboards (and in their email box if you wish). Gone are the days of assigning outlook tasks to yourself to follow up on documents. DocBoss allows you to assign and forget. Then just review the upcoming, and overdue assignments to make sure the team is on top of the work. You can assign the document to several people sequentially, to ensure it is completed and reviewed appropriately. At the start of the project, you have your equipment list, and your document requirements. In DocBoss, this is enough to generate the full list of all required documents. With our register auto-generation process, you can have a perfect document requirements list within a few minutes. Of course with customer numbering etc all pre-defined.

Project Managers want to know when things go off the rails.

The DocBoss dashboard provides an overview of each project, and a summary of the current progress. With a quick glance, project managers can review the number of documents which are overdue, and can click through to get a list of those documents.

Combined with reports available across all projects, managers can quickly identify issues before they find out from their customers.

Mud Books shipping with the equipment

When dealing with large equipment, when it’s ready to ship, all eyes are on the clock. With DocBoss, you have a few options to ensure mud books are ready to go when the equipment hits the shipping bay. Our easy to create databooks ensure that your book is ready to print from pdf with the click of a button. Of course – if a multi tag project, you can create books for each tag. DocBoss makes it easy to have your databook ready, when your equipment is ready.

Lots of time sensitive document work

When working with fabricated equipment, the ship date is of utmost importance. To coordinate that ship date, all phases of design and engineering have critical points in their process which require approved feedback from the customer. As a result, our customers in this line of work see a drastic increase in focus on document due dates and expected return dates. DocBoss helps customers define the original due dates, and then works based on turnaround times to update the dates as part of the progress of the submission process. Turnaround timelines are applied to customers, suppliers, and internally to ensure you get the documents where they need to be. Reports are available across all projects to help you manage and expedite documents for submission.

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Designed by Experience for Suppliers of:


Instrumentation and Valves

As project size increases, document workload increases, and margins drop. Give the clerical work to DocBoss, so you can focus on the things that make a difference.


Pumps & Compressors

Make sure your customers return key documents on time. Give project managers access to the dashboard for snapshots of every project in real time.


Tanks and Vessels

Track the responsible party for each document. Monitor internal turnaround to hit promised due dates. Generate MRB and mud book the day the equipment ships.


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